Richard Box Classes

I took two classes in July with Richard Box from England. He was here at Gail Harker’s for a couple of weeks staying with me on and off. We had a great visit. His classes are always so much fun! The first one was a landscape class using a glazing technique with acrylics. We painted both on paper and fabric. The cloth one was then carried over to the next class and then worked with stitch.

Here are a few of the pieces I started. This one is acrylic on muslin and will be machine thread painted.


I fabric collaged this and then will be adding lots of hand and machine stitching to finish it.

I did say they were just started didn’t I….I will post new pictures when all the pieces are finally done.

These are acrylics on watercolor paper. The one on the right is mine. One of our exercises was to copy a master’s piece and I chose De Rain.

The two below were worked at the same time. They too, are on watercolor paper.