Clean Studio

Okay, after struggling to find more room in my tiny studio…10 X 12…I have managed to eek out a minuscule amount more space! I really don’t think I can do this again…really need more space as I keep moving into different directions of artwork.

Richard Box Classes

I took two classes in July with Richard Box from England. He was here at Gail Harker’s for a couple of weeks staying with me on and off. We had a great visit. His classes are always so much fun! The first one was a landscape class using a glazing technique with acrylics. We painted both on paper and fabric. The cloth one was then carried over to the next class and then worked with stitch.

Here are a few of the pieces I started. This one is acrylic on muslin and will be machine thread painted.


I fabric collaged this and then will be adding lots of hand and machine stitching to finish it.

I did say they were just started didn’t I….I will post new pictures when all the pieces are finally done.

These are acrylics on watercolor paper. The one on the right is mine. One of our exercises was to copy a master’s piece and I chose De Rain.

The two below were worked at the same time. They too, are on watercolor paper.

Textile show at La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum

I went with friends in July to see a fantastic show at the La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum. Both artists really have pushed their mediums to exciting new heights!

First is Liz Whitney Quisgard who had the challenging space of the third floor with its angled ceilings, but she really made the space sing with her true understanding of color and hand stitch! Here are just a few pictures of some of her work.

And then, on the second floor, Regina V. Benson’s work was about shape and working with rust and dyeing her fabrics from the earth. They moved, and flowed through the rooms. Very inspiring! My apologies for the photos and not remembering the titles of their pieces.


If you are in the area, they are up until October.




Last night was the opening of the RE/ Recycling show at the Blowing Sands Gallery in Seattle. My piece “Shadow Play” was juried in. The night was well attended. I enjoyed watching people trying to name all the elements in my piece. Several friends make the trek down and  we went on to more openings for the “Ballard Art Walk.”  One gallery was “Building C.”  What a wonderful artist loft with over 30 spaces for working artists.  Thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and chat with them!

Another opening with be at the Schack Art Center in Everett on Thursday night. It’s the “Creative World of Books” and my book “Seed to Decay” is in this show.

Photos by Ken Rowe

“Complex Threads”

Just a few images from the show.  It has been so exciting for us students to see our work gathered together for a very colorful and tactile experience.

These photos were taken a couple of days after the opening as the show was too crowded to even see the pieces.

The opening was a huge success! We had lots of students, board members of the Schack, patrons, family members and fiber lovers attending the event.

Cindy Morris took  care to showcase the pieces with great lighting and placements.


Everything from clothing to caterpillars..

“Complex Threads”

“Complex Threads” is a textile show I co-curated with Gail Harker of  some of her students. I also have been a student  for over seven years. It has been a life changer for me! Pushing me to new boundaries in art and finding more confidence along the way.  If you are in the area (Everett, WA at the Schack Art Center) make time to visit the exhibition. The opening is Jan. 10, 2013 from 5-8 pm. The show runs til Feb. 16th and features 40 artists with 60+ pieces including clothing, 2-D and 3-D.  We have selected a wide range of artworks that reflect the new direction stitch is heading. Hope to see you there!

Visions Continued

Sorry I am so slow to get back to this.  I have unexpectedly been working on six new mixed-media pieces for an upcoming show at the Schack Art Gallery in Everett, WA.  I am already co-curating the “Complex Threads” exhibit  there, but got back from the trip to CA. only to discover I had been given space for more of my own work. So, I have had the “petal to the metal”. They are done! Yeah!  So back to our trip.

On Sunday, four of us artists were chosen to give a power-point presentation on our work and then be part of a panel discussion. Judith Content was the moderator, but unfortunately we didn’t get a photo of her.  She is an fabulous artist and I really enjoyed getting to meet her!

This is Charlotte Bird (standing) who is the Chair of the show, an incredible artist and a life saver! Thank you Charlotte! From left to right Linda Colish, Mary Pal and I am hidden behind Charlotte, then Charlotte Ziebarth.


Once the power-point was done, the four of us relaxed and laughed all the way through the panel discussion!








And the poster for the show. It was such a fun experience!



Quilt Visions 2012 Brainstorm

The opening Oct 20th.

Visions new home is in a great location called Liberty Station. It’s an old military base re-purposed including hotels, restaurants, art groups and more.

The evening started with a private opening for the artists and sponsors of the show. We had an hour to greet each other before the public was invited in.  The evening was great, finally getting to put faces to people I had corresponded with, followed  their careers, and even made some new connections.


(left to right) “Solace” by Mary Pal. “Time Crumbles Things”  mine, “Twilight” by Linda Colsh




Here are a few of the other artists I got to meet and their pieces.


Neon Reflections on a NYC  Skyscraper” by Patricia A. Washburn







“Growth Factor”  by Betty Busby





“The Stars Motel, Chicago”  By Lisa Kijak, winner of the “Presidents Award”

One of my favorites!




“Twilight”  by Linda Colsh, winner of the “Quilts Japan Award” and a fellow panelist. I didn’t get a picture of her standing next to it.





First Light”  by Wen Redmond





And  “Chrysalises # 1”  by Valerie Maser-Flanigan, this is the cover image for the catalog






The next day started out with a breakfast hosted  for us by the museum   where once again we got to visit and sign books




A  mob scene trying to sign each others books








Sharing a laugh with Mary Pal







Group Shot, 25 out of the 40 artists came for the opening



The doors once again opened to the public and then we had a “Walk and Talk”  where each artist stood by their artwork and discussed a little bit about their process in the making of their piece.

Stay tuned for the next posting which will include the panel discussion.