On to Napa Valley

Instead of heading to San Francisco which was having horrible weather, we decided to head to Napa. We had always wanted to stop but never had time.


I was researching a new theme for art; the underground. So we thought we could look for some wine caves. Our first stop was Robert Mondavi Winery where we took the full tour and wine tasting. Very interesting.


On to Sutter’s and Pine Ridge where we even got a private tour of one of their caves. And wouldn’t you know we even found Chihuly pieces inside.


Then on to Francis Ford Coppola’s incredible vineyard.  



Beautiful French chateau style buildings with restaurants, gift shop and rooms of some of his collections from his movies including Oscars.




We stopped in Portland to do some shopping and in Vancouver to visit Bonnie Bucknam a fantastic fiber artist. It was our first visit to her beautiful and “arty” home.

We had a wonderful road trip! Hope you have enjoyed looking at a few pics of the trip!

Chris Sorensen’s Gallery

Kerby Smith also an artist in the Vision show came up to introduce himself to me at breakfast. We got to talking about rusty metals and he invited Kevin and I to come to a gallery in Fresno.  He told us about Chris Sorensen who has a gallery which includes himself, Chris and 30+ other artists. We hadn’t planned on going back home by way of Fresno again but couldn’t resist the invite!

The gallery is in the industrial part of town. A almost block long wall of graffitti is the first view of the gallery. Once inside the gate you see all kinds of metal and stone. I was in heaven!

Chris came peddling up to us on trike. He is 87 and has a wonderful twinkle in his eye. His art is fantastic! The  blue and red sculpture and the mobile  behind him are his. He even made a huge rabbit out of welded coat hangers. Both Kerby and Chris gave us a tour of the space. More than 20,000 sq. ft.  Chris rents out space to artists for a very reasonable rate and they put on shows there regularly. Show artists work in their space also.



Kerby’s great  mixed-media art.



And then, Chris demonstrated for Kevin how he uses the coat hangers for welding rods. As we were leaving, he even gave me a metal rose (from this bouquet) and a Jack O’Lantern made out of a tank.  Kevin decided a bird had to come home with us also.

Thank you Chris for your generousity and Kerby for the invitation. We had a great visit!

Visions Continued

Sorry I am so slow to get back to this.  I have unexpectedly been working on six new mixed-media pieces for an upcoming show at the Schack Art Gallery in Everett, WA.  I am already co-curating the “Complex Threads” exhibit  there, but got back from the trip to CA. only to discover I had been given space for more of my own work. So, I have had the “petal to the metal”. They are done! Yeah!  So back to our trip.

On Sunday, four of us artists were chosen to give a power-point presentation on our work and then be part of a panel discussion. Judith Content was the moderator, but unfortunately we didn’t get a photo of her.  She is an fabulous artist and I really enjoyed getting to meet her!

This is Charlotte Bird (standing) who is the Chair of the show, an incredible artist and a life saver! Thank you Charlotte! From left to right Linda Colish, Mary Pal and I am hidden behind Charlotte, then Charlotte Ziebarth.


Once the power-point was done, the four of us relaxed and laughed all the way through the panel discussion!








And the poster for the show. It was such a fun experience!



Quilt Visions 2012 Brainstorm

The opening Oct 20th.

Visions new home is in a great location called Liberty Station. It’s an old military base re-purposed including hotels, restaurants, art groups and more.

The evening started with a private opening for the artists and sponsors of the show. We had an hour to greet each other before the public was invited in.  The evening was great, finally getting to put faces to people I had corresponded with, followed  their careers, and even made some new connections.


(left to right) “Solace” by Mary Pal. “Time Crumbles Things”  mine, “Twilight” by Linda Colsh




Here are a few of the other artists I got to meet and their pieces.


Neon Reflections on a NYC  Skyscraper” by Patricia A. Washburn







“Growth Factor”  by Betty Busby





“The Stars Motel, Chicago”  By Lisa Kijak, winner of the “Presidents Award”

One of my favorites!




“Twilight”  by Linda Colsh, winner of the “Quilts Japan Award” and a fellow panelist. I didn’t get a picture of her standing next to it.





First Light”  by Wen Redmond





And  “Chrysalises # 1”  by Valerie Maser-Flanigan, this is the cover image for the catalog






The next day started out with a breakfast hosted  for us by the museum   where once again we got to visit and sign books




A  mob scene trying to sign each others books








Sharing a laugh with Mary Pal







Group Shot, 25 out of the 40 artists came for the opening



The doors once again opened to the public and then we had a “Walk and Talk”  where each artist stood by their artwork and discussed a little bit about their process in the making of their piece.

Stay tuned for the next posting which will include the panel discussion.




On to Oceanside, CA


Somewhere in the Central Valley of California we came across fields of cotton.  I know most of you have probably seen it growing, but I hadn’t.  So, of course, I had to stop by the roadside and pick some up from the ditch where it had blown.







Next we went on to Oceanside where my in-laws live. Just around the corner, is the old Mission San Luis Rey de Francisca. This part was built in 1811 and is the largest of the 21 missions in California. It is being remodeled but the grounds are gorgeous!





Here are some of the cacti, agave, and other succulents.







Love the lines!




What a treat!

Road to Visions

Our road trip to San Diego for the opening of Visions Art Museum: Brainstorm 2013 found us leaving on a rainy day. But once on our way we found many things to cheer us. One such treasure was the “Forestiere Underground Garden.”

I have been researching a new theme for another body of work: underground, so what better opportunity for photo opportunities. Our first stop was Fresno at an underground garden started by an Italian immigrant whose dream was to start a citrus orchard. In 1905 he bought 80 acres and proceeded to start to plant, only to discover “hard pan.” He was a “tunnel rat” and ditch digger by trade, so to stay cool in the sweltering heat. He began to dig down, first with one room and then another and another, also making planters and sky lights along the way. He was an expert grafter, grafting up to seven different varieties of fruit on one tree. Baldassare Forestiere was able to plant grapes, palm dates, oranges, kumquats, lemons and more, some of which are still alive today.


He added a library, aquarium, wells, chapel, a pond for keeping the fish he caught in the morning fresh until he wanted to cook them in the evening, peek holes to check on visitors coming in, and opened his home up to his neighbors to keep cool in the summer.




He even made a “winter bedroom” and a “summer bedroom.” Just before his death, Baldassare even started a 3500 sq ft ballroom and an auto tunnel for his friends to drive thru to party at his resort. He continued to build for 40 years until his death. If you are ever in the Fresno area, check it out it is unbelievable how ingenious this man was!

Stay tuned for the next stop on our trip!