I am thrilled to announce my piece “Undercurrents” was just purchased by a beautiful dental clinic in Washington.  It has a perfect new home among stacked stone and pebble walls.


If you are in the area, please come to a wonderful exhibition in La Conner,Wa on the 9th and 10th.  This is an accumulation of 8 years of study but this show is focused on Art and Design. I will be receiving a diploma but have another two years to go for the over all certificate. It has been a incredible journey of growth and discovery.

“Roots” is Photographed

Once again, sorry the summer has got away from me. I have had projects in the garden and the studio with an exhibition in August looming. I promise I will be more attentive to this blog very soon. For now, here is the one of the latest pieces to be photographed.

In a previous post I showed you some progress shots. This was paper cast with acrylic painting.

©Terri Shinn 2014 Photo by Ken Rowe

14″ x  25″

“Entanglement ” is Finally Done!!!

After 1800 hours of working on this piece, it is finally done!  I have learned so many things from this project!  It about did me in but in the end I am very pleased with the results.  It is quite wonderful to have a vision of something you want to accomplish and succeed!

“Entanglement”  2014   7′ x 4′ mixed media

©Terri Shinn 2014 Photo by Ken Rowe

Please do not use these images without permission of Terri Shinn

Ant Nest Sculpture New Stage

Wow, haven’t been prepared for how slow the progress has been on this piece!  I am really learning patience well, trying to.  After having the parts scattlered in three rooms of the house while working on it, I was able to finally hang it up. It seems to be having the feel I was striving for BUT I am having to add more variety of scale to the “tendrils.”  So, back at it I go.  Here is the stage before more pieces are added.