My New and Improved Blog

I have added some new features to my blog that I am pretty excited about.  Now all of my posts will automatically publish to my Facebook page, and visitors to my blog will have the ability to share posts and images thru all the popular social media apps. Please feel free to share with your networks and friends.  If you have any suggestions on how I can continue to improve the site, please feel free to contact me. Thanks and Happy Fall!

Exhibition Pictures

Here are a few photos from my exhibition at Gail Harker Creative Center for the Arts.  I just finished another two year program in Art and Design. It was a wonderful course and I feel my work has broadened in so many directions. Having once only though of myself as a Textile Artist, I am now rethinking that.




A few views of my corner of the show.

Happy Holidays

As I sit watching the snow quietly lay a beautiful white blanket upon the landscape, I want to take this time to thank you for following my blog!  I have been nose to the grindstone trying to get some Christmas gifts completed.  With a sigh and maybe a glass of wine, I have completed that task. So after the holidays I will be back  trying to finish up some of the projects I have been sampling for months…so until then…I wish you a very Happy Holiday and a fantastic New Year!!

Richard Box Classes

I took two classes in July with Richard Box from England. He was here at Gail Harker’s for a couple of weeks staying with me on and off. We had a great visit. His classes are always so much fun! The first one was a landscape class using a glazing technique with acrylics. We painted both on paper and fabric. The cloth one was then carried over to the next class and then worked with stitch.

Here are a few of the pieces I started. This one is acrylic on muslin and will be machine thread painted.


I fabric collaged this and then will be adding lots of hand and machine stitching to finish it.

I did say they were just started didn’t I….I will post new pictures when all the pieces are finally done.

These are acrylics on watercolor paper. The one on the right is mine. One of our exercises was to copy a master’s piece and I chose De Rain.

The two below were worked at the same time. They too, are on watercolor paper.


Last night was the opening of the RE/ Recycling show at the Blowing Sands Gallery in Seattle. My piece “Shadow Play” was juried in. The night was well attended. I enjoyed watching people trying to name all the elements in my piece. Several friends make the trek down and  we went on to more openings for the “Ballard Art Walk.”  One gallery was “Building C.”  What a wonderful artist loft with over 30 spaces for working artists.  Thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and chat with them!

Another opening with be at the Schack Art Center in Everett on Thursday night. It’s the “Creative World of Books” and my book “Seed to Decay” is in this show.

Photos by Ken Rowe

Printing Days

 Thermafax screen print

I have been playing with block printing and experimenting with all kinds of different ways to print on fabric and paper. Several of the techniques I have been trying are Thermafax screen prints, carved rubber stamps, and collagraphs. Here are just a couple of examples so far.

Hand carved rubber stamp of a root system



“Cave marbles” print

Chris Sorensen’s Gallery

Kerby Smith also an artist in the Vision show came up to introduce himself to me at breakfast. We got to talking about rusty metals and he invited Kevin and I to come to a gallery in Fresno.  He told us about Chris Sorensen who has a gallery which includes himself, Chris and 30+ other artists. We hadn’t planned on going back home by way of Fresno again but couldn’t resist the invite!

The gallery is in the industrial part of town. A almost block long wall of graffitti is the first view of the gallery. Once inside the gate you see all kinds of metal and stone. I was in heaven!

Chris came peddling up to us on trike. He is 87 and has a wonderful twinkle in his eye. His art is fantastic! The  blue and red sculpture and the mobile  behind him are his. He even made a huge rabbit out of welded coat hangers. Both Kerby and Chris gave us a tour of the space. More than 20,000 sq. ft.  Chris rents out space to artists for a very reasonable rate and they put on shows there regularly. Show artists work in their space also.



Kerby’s great  mixed-media art.



And then, Chris demonstrated for Kevin how he uses the coat hangers for welding rods. As we were leaving, he even gave me a metal rose (from this bouquet) and a Jack O’Lantern made out of a tank.  Kevin decided a bird had to come home with us also.

Thank you Chris for your generousity and Kerby for the invitation. We had a great visit!