Chris Sorensen’s Gallery

Kerby Smith also an artist in the Vision show came up to introduce himself to me at breakfast. We got to talking about rusty metals and he invited Kevin and I to come to a gallery in Fresno.  He told us about Chris Sorensen who has a gallery which includes himself, Chris and 30+ other artists. We hadn’t planned on going back home by way of Fresno again but couldn’t resist the invite!

The gallery is in the industrial part of town. A almost block long wall of graffitti is the first view of the gallery. Once inside the gate you see all kinds of metal and stone. I was in heaven!

Chris came peddling up to us on trike. He is 87 and has a wonderful twinkle in his eye. His art is fantastic! The  blue and red sculpture and the mobile  behind him are his. He even made a huge rabbit out of welded coat hangers. Both Kerby and Chris gave us a tour of the space. More than 20,000 sq. ft.  Chris rents out space to artists for a very reasonable rate and they put on shows there regularly. Show artists work in their space also.



Kerby’s great  mixed-media art.



And then, Chris demonstrated for Kevin how he uses the coat hangers for welding rods. As we were leaving, he even gave me a metal rose (from this bouquet) and a Jack O’Lantern made out of a tank.  Kevin decided a bird had to come home with us also.

Thank you Chris for your generousity and Kerby for the invitation. We had a great visit!